I’ve tried it all…or so I thought.

To say I’m a bargain shopper is probably putting it mildly. It would kind of be like saying, “The sun is a mildly warm ball of gas”. And in my 42 years on planet earth, I’ve looked at a lot of programs that would help me find a great bargain. A LOT! Let me prove it:


I use iBotta all the time! I used to create shopping lists in my Notes app on my phone, but now I just type in my shopping list into iBotta, where I plan on shopping, and the app tells me which of my purchases qualify for a rebate. SERIOUSLY SO EASY! Most of the times, the rebates aren’t huge… $0.25 here, $0.50 there, but it adds up quick!

If you’re a serious coupon guru – and I am – this app is amazing. It’s a great way to find local deals. It allows you to pick a store or stores you always shop at and then each week it will give you an updated list of deals and coupons from those stores. It’s a way to organize all the ads and coupons I use to clip into one easy, digital location.

If you love rebates, you have to checkout Checkout51…see what I did there? Okay, but seriously, this awesome app is a lot like iBotta so I won’t rehash it, but I really like using the two apps together because quite often when what I’m shopping for isn’t on the iBotta app, I can find a refund on Checkout 51 and vice versa.

Another great app a lot like iBotta or Checkout51, but what makes this one different is that you get rebates when you shop online stores. It’s easy to use and works the same way as the other apps I’ve mentioned. There are over 2,000 stores to chose from, you get an instant $10 when you complete your 1st purchase through Ebates, and they even have a referral program.

I’ve used this one, but mentioning “Wish” is actually my way of warning you…. I did NOT like this one. At the time of writing this, “Wish” has an “F” rating with the BBB. The customer reviews are overwhelmingly negative. The products are cheap and “made-in-Chine” type trinkets. I did get my free tie with my first purchase and I actually like the tie, but buyer-beware!

Another great app if you are a local bargain hunter. You can actually buy or sell your own stuff with this one (think local ebay or craigslist). It’s free to sign up. It’s easy to use. It’s kinda like an e-garage sale. I sold about $300 worth of stuff so far and really like using this app in conjunction with eBay and Craigslist.

This app is like a loyalty program app. You know, when you spend $1 you get a point and then later you can use those points to get discounts or coupons? Well FiveStars “stores” all your cards for these programs in 1 convenient location and the app will keep track of all your rewards for you. HUGE time saver. I really like this app.

Okay, I currently use all of these types of apps…, Trivago, Expedia, TripIt,, etc….
Here’s how I feel about these apps: if you have to travel, you might as well get rewarded for it! And I like that I can look at these apps to see the amenities offered without having to visit a bunch of hotel websites. If time is money, these apps save me time…hence save me money.

Okay…Okay…have I made my point? I am truly always on the hunt for something that will save me money or make me money. But why do you need to know that? Well, when I show you the reviews for Cory Long’s Digital Storefronts, I want you to know that I am the type of guy who does his research and won’t pull the trigger on something unless it is top notch (which Digital Storefronts is by the way). I want you to know that I don’t endorse something unless I’ve tried it and really like it. I want you to know you’re getting the honest to goodness truth and that it is something that will be worth your time. Or if it isn’t worthwhile that you know that too.

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