My “Why”

So I might have gotten ahead of myself with that last post. I ought to back up and tell you a teeny bit about our journey.

It started about 6 years ago. We had sold our home in the small snowy town we lived in and moved about an hour south to a bigger town to be in the sun. We loved everything about the move except the Real Estate prices. No joke, everything in this new town was at least TWICE as much money. That is no exaggeration. So we moved our 4 kids into a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom townhome. It was tight, but we tried to make the best of it. But it soon became apparent that we would absolutely need something bigger.

That’s when the hunt to find a little side income began in earnest. I spent hours researching ways to make extra money. I was an Uber driver for a VERY brief moment, I delivered newspapers in the wee-hours, made ice cream for a local ice cream parlor, taught guitar lessons to novice musicians for about a year, and downloaded every rebate/coupon/deal app you can imagine. About a year into this journey my wife and I were talking and realized that I was killing myself to make money but our joie de vivre was seriously taking a hit. I was ALWAYS exhausted. I was missing so many precious moments with our growing kiddos, and I wasn’t loving my life. I wasn’t even really living my life.

And that is when I had to stop and ask myself “Why am I doing this?” Is it really going to be worth it? Do I really want to sacrifice time and memories with my young family so that I can go on missions later? What would be the point of helping others if in the process of preparing I lost time with my family?
I decided then and there that my why had to be my family.

So we decided to look for opportunities that would require minimum time but would produce maximum benefits. I know, I know…sounds like a pie-in-the-sky dream. And initially, that’s all we found. MLM after MLM “opportunities”, get rich quick and pyramid schemes, bit-coin, etc, etc, etc.

But there was something that kept popping up no matter which research avenue I started down. Digital marketing. Specifically the idea of Digital Storefronts (which is the reason behind this blog). I actually have a Marketing degree from BYU but never really used it because after college I immediately became a youth pastor. So the Digital Storefronts idea was fascinating. I KNEW that I could make it work. And that’s how I found Cory Long and Digital Storefronts.

I know I’m leaving this at a cliffhanger, but I promise I really will let you see the DSF reviews in a post VERY soon.

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