Our Story

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I love my job. And I think that’s a rare thing in this world today.

I get to be a youth pastor. And like I said, I love my job. 
With that being said, there is something about it that leaves a little to be desired. And don’t judge me too harshly, but here it is: the pay.
You see a few years ago my wife and I were dreaming about all the far off places we want to eventually visit and minister. You know, after retirement. But then it hit us. And by “it” I mean our savings account. And by “savings account” I mean the lack thereof.
Yup, being a youth pastor is absolutely amazing. But it doesn’t pay all that well.
So, my wife and I and the Lord set out to figure out how we could earn a little extra to put away for our future dreams.
And that’s what this blog is really about….our journey to being able to afford serving missions in our later years.
Hope you can learn from our failures and triumphs.

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